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HDB News! HDB Top Clamps

Highway Dirt Bikes is pleased to announce our new Modular Top Clamps.

HDB Modular Top Clamps will allow you to expand or change the configuration of your dash as your needs change.

Clean up and organize your dash with toggle switches, push button switches, even a Baja Designs key switch.

For Husky 701 owners we have dedicated dash to relocate the ABS switch and lamps.

Patent Pending.

Available now as an option on Top Clamp pages!

HDB News! BlueTooth Remotes for RallyBlitz apps

Check these out, our friend Chris from ADVrider is now producing BT remotes for the Rallye Blitz apps.

Read about them here!

HDB News! HDB Big Bolts

Highway Dirt Bikes is pleased to announce a new option for attaching handguards to your handlebars.

HDB Big Bolts: The Ultimate in handguard attachment for your Ultimate handguards.

This is only possible with our Patented handguards with Grip Armor™ bar end bosses, just compare them with the guards on your bike.

Never ruin your grips, never bend or pull out the bar end attachments, never strip out the hex head tightening down those small bar end bolts ever again!

Available now as an option on all handguard pages!

HDB News! Lifetime Warranty on HDB Rallye Lite Fairing

With the success of our Rallye Lite Kits, Highway Dirt Bikes is announcing a Lifetime Warranty on Our HDB Rallye Lite Fairing.

Ruin the plastic fairing in a wreck or for what ever reason, email us for details and pay for shipping and you'll receive your new HDB Rallye Lite Fairing.

Rallye Lite Fairing for KTM's and Husky's.

A fairing system that allows nearly unlimited mounting solutions for all of your navigational gear

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